Remarkable Romania: visiting the member communes to map their local heritage

The Remarkable Romania project continues during this period on the field, with visits to the member villages in the network, with the mission of mapping and inventorying the local heritage. Thus, together with an interdisciplinary team (a sociologist, an ethnographer, a photographer, a tourism expert, and two volunteers), we inventoried the elements of material (natural or human) and immaterial heritage (customs, traditions, dances, cuisine, etc.), to identify and capitalize the opportunities that local culture can offer for their development.

During these weeks, along with the team of specialists(Iosif Ciunterei – Cu Iosif pe coclauri, Raluca Perneș, Roland Váczi, Cristina Bolog and two volunteers), we already took field visits in: Vad, Bârsana, Plopiș, Moldovenești and Bucium, and will continue with visits to Poieni, Smida, Valea Viilor, Fundata, Bonțida and Ciurila in all August and early September. Regardless of our expectations about what we will find in these villages, field trips provide us with rare emotions and information, which we try to document and analyze as thoroughly as we can, to find the best development opportunities.

During these visits, the locals and their life stories revealed and continue to show us a truly Remarkable Romania, whose riches of local heritage and culture need and deserve all the support in preserving and transmitting them into the treasury of the national heritage.

Launched in June of this year, Remarkable Romania started in 12 pilot communes, six from Cluj county (Beliș, Bonțida, Moldovenești, Poieni, Suatu, Vad) and six from other counties (Bârsana – Maramureș, Bogata – Mureș, Bucium – Alba, Fundata – Brașov, Plopiș – Sălaj and Valea Viilor – Sibiu). The network then aims to expand to 25 municipalities in 2020 and 40 localities in 2021.

Remarkable Romania is a project that “will explore the authenticity of the Romanian village, searching for ways of making the heritage and culture a drive for rural development. Together with local members and specialists of local development and heritage, we will try to answer this essential question – How can we contribute to the sustainable development of the village without affecting its authenticity, but using it as a starting point instead“, said Stefan Teișanu, director of Cluj Cultural Center.

Remarkable Romania is an initiative of Cluj Cultural Center, developed with the support of the County Council of Cluj and the Sites et Cités Remarquables de France association, under the patronage of the Minister of Culture from Romania and France. The project is supported by Cluj-Napoca City Hall, the “Romania – France Season” and by the partners Banca Transylvania and Ursus. 

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