Creative ideas and ingenious projects at the first edition of Culturepreneurs, our project for entrepreneurial education.

On 25th of October, at Liberty Technology Park was organized the launching event for Culturepreneurs, a free entrepreneurial education programme for ideas, products and services in the cultural industries. The program supports the creation and development of products and services in design, film, news, literature, journalism, music, culture, multimedia, crafts and media.

At the launching event attended those who enrolled in the project, as well the people passionate about the topics addressed. Almost 100 people participated, of whom 25 publicly presented their ideas at the event. A specialized jury selected 13 ideas to further continue in the programme, benefiting of mentorship and guidance. Shortly, these ideas are:

1. Eco-Captain – a Google Maps-based application that encourages citizens in order to ecologize the routes of traveling (Mădălina Pîrlog)

2. AudioBooks for kids (Gabriela Lupea & Bogdan Lupea)

3. Fotopia Collective Festival – photography events that will bring together the most important documentary photographers from Romania and from abroad in Cluj Napoca (Călin Ilea)

4. Gaming – a web platform for the registration of semi-professional gamers and the creation of an annual international event special dedicated to them (Oana Stănculescu)

5. Contemporary Circus – the use of juggling and acrobatics in workshops and activities for both children and adults, strengthening the juggling community, workshops, performances, social and multicultural projects (Ana Leoca)

6. Art to Go – an application which daily delivers curatorial art snippets (short prose, fine arts, music, short film, poetry) based partly on user responses to an initial questionnaire (Bogdan Odăgescu)

7. Art for People – creating a creative hub where anyone with artistic inclinations can find an open, productive and educational environment in order to shape their most creative and innovative ideas (Paul Ratiu)

8. Educational music platform – an online platform for professionals and music lovers, with comprehensive information on the most important musical genres, ranging from classical and popular to jazz and rock (Alina Szuz)

9. Dome as a versatile cultural space – the development of various cultural projects (cinema, concert, theatre, dance, yoga, planetarium, exhibitions) using the architecture of the dome as a space for their manifestation (Adela Muntean)

10. Ideas for Cluj – an urban innovation lab that looks at the public agenda and accelerates the transformation of the city, inspires and influences urban culture and creates a hub for exchange of ideas and debates about the future of the city (Sebastian Florian)

11. Creative Haus – a project that aims to bring to life the students\’ projects by creating a space with specialized coordinators who will provide support and advice based on their experience in design and related fields (Stefan Capbun & Dia Buga)

12. Where in Cluj – community support in organizing and promoting cultural, business, personal development courses and recreation events in Cluj-Napoca (Carina Mercea)

13. Podcast – addressed to improve the health and life quality of the general public by presenting medical science in a entertaining and east way for everyone (Marius Farcas)

Between 27th of October and 23rd of November, 4 workshops will be organized in order to support the implementation of the selected ideas. On the 27th of October was the first workshop, where the initiators of the selected projects worked with Alin Vaida, the director of Jazz in the Park in order to develop their ideas. There will be three other workshops during which initiators of ideas, with mentorship, will define their ideas and turn them into products / services that can be placed on the market.

  • November 9th – Workshop: Defining the product or service
  • November 16th – Workshop: Sustainability and Marketing Models
  • November 23rd – Workshop: Presentation and sales methods

Culturepreneurs is part of #CultureWorks. The main objective of this program area is to develop a strong creative economy in both city and the region. Alongside with other two projects of the Centre, Culturepreneurs is part of the Cluj Future of Work project, funded by the European Commission\’s Urban Innovative Actions program, amounting to € 5.6 million for the period 2019-2021.
Culturepreneurs is organized with the support of the City Hall and the Cluj-Napoca Local Council and the Cluj County Council.

Photo: ©️ Komiti

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