Urban Innovation Unit

The Cluj-Napoca Urban Innovation Unit is a research and development programme, bringing together ideas, knowledge and resources from the civil society, the academic sector, the cultural sector, the business sector and the public administration to propose alternative solutions to the city’s strategic challenges.

Developed in partnership with the Centre for Innovation and Civic Imagination of the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca, the Urban Innovation Unit is focused on R&D projects in urban mobility, future of work and urban resilience.

In 2022, the Urban Innovation Unit will be fully transferred to the Cluj-Napoca City Hall.

Project news

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October 2017 We launch the first call for groups of citizens interested in experimenting with redesigning of common spaces, to encourage sustainable mobility behaviors.
May 2018 The three winning projects of the Innovation Fund introduce new scenarios for the use of these common spaces to the community.
March 2018 The Unit brings together an interdisciplinary working group to develop the Mobility Pact, and provides recommendations for improving the traffic conditions in the city.
November 2018 The establishment of the Urban Innovation Unit in Cluj-Napoca is announced as a partnership between Cluj Cultural Centre and Cluj-Napoca Municipality.
May 2019 Cluj Future of Work, the first project in Eastern Europe financed by Urban Innovative Actions of the EU, is launched.

Next in 2020

March 1

Following the recommendations resulting from the Mobility Pact, the Local Council approves the first improvements to the system of public transport passes for students.

April 5

Cluj Resilience Tracker, an approach to understanding how organizations in Cluj have responded to the Covid-19 crisis, is launched.

November 12-13

A new edition of our Urban Dialogues discusses the tensions between drive for innovation and long term aspirations of behavioral change.


Co-managing with the Cluj-Napoca Municipality a 10-organization consortium in order to implement the Cluj Future of Work UIA-funded project.

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