While music is important for us all, it holds particular significance for adolescents. The composer Daniel Patrick Cohen recalls a hugely impactful moment in his own development as a musician hearing Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon being described as “a place for teenagers to go”. Adolescence is a time of strong feelings, of searching for one’s values, of internal and external conflicts. The resulting confusion is often hard to express at an age so pressured by self-consciousness.

Cluj Cultural Centre in partnership with Notes&Ties Association will organize during 30 August – 8 September a workshop of emotional expressiveness through music for teenagers. Under the careful guidance of Daniel Patrick Cohen and Corina Ceclan from Notes&Ties Association, 12 teenagers will experience ways of expression through music.

This project aims to give a group of teenagers their own place to go. Making music can offer this needed outlet for expressing feelings in a way which they may not have previously considered. In addition to the short-term benefit of connecting with peers and being involved in a creative, meaningful activity, this project aims to make a long-term impact on their awareness of the role of art in expressing the inexpressible.

About facilitators:

Daniel Patrick Cohen – Notes&Ties Association, Cluj. Daniel is a British composer based in Romania with a range of musical interests, including film music, hip hop and electronic music. Daniel first garnered international attention when he was among a handful of British composers invited to produce scores for Alfred Hitchcock’s silent films as part of the British Film Institute’s ‘Rescue the Hitchcock 9’ project. In early 2015, Daniel released a concept album entitled The Passenger after the Michelangelo Antonioni film of the same name. He has given seminars on his music in the UK and Kazakhstan, and recently led a film music course for composers in Ukraine.


Corina Ceclan – Notes&Ties Association, Cluj. Corina has been assisting musicians in carrying out their projects for the past 11 years at the Gheorghe Dima Academy of Music in Cluj, where she is also in charge of the children’s concerts programme “Do, Re, Mi, Start!” since 2012. She is a founding member of Notes&Ties.

The workshop is organized by Cluj Cultural Centre, within the Inner Space program, with the support of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Cluj County Council. Partners: Banca Transilvania and URSUS.

Be part of this experience! Submit the following application form in English no later than August 12.

Participation is free of charge, and the participants will be selected based on the submitted application form.

Who can participate?

  • 16 – 18yo teenagers with an open, creative mind.

  • It is not necessary to have any musical training.

What do we expect from participants?

  • A desire to make music

  • Must be available from 30th August – 8th September.

  • Basic English skills will be required.

Which are the benefits for participants?

  • Have fun

  • Unique, novel experience

  • Connect with peers

  • Express themselves

  • Learn about music

  • Learn about themselves

What happens during the period?

  • Participants will learn more about wellbeing and creativity and how to express themselves

  • Will develop short compositions for a trio of live professional musicians based entirely on music written by themselves, even if they have no previous musical education

  • Will learn more about the instruments they will working with.

  • Will work together with a professional team towards a very short concert, informally demonstrating work done during the week.

  • Participants will have the opportunity to share the recording of the concert with their peers and family.