Transylvania Myths Europe

The project aims to bring together several local communities in Transylvania, that will work collectively for their development and promotion in Romania and the world. The core vision of the project is to use local heritage and culture as drivers for rural and regional development. The rural communities, together with Cluj, will host a diversity of economic, touristic, gastronomical and artistic projects.

The project assists rural communities to include a cultural vision into their development policies and plans, develop a concept to open traditional homes for bed and breakfast and host common cultural projects developed with the support of our partners. A regional brand for cultural tourism is also envisioned by the initiative.

In 2018 we select the first communities to join the project, followed by an exploration of the cultural potential in each of these places. We plan to establish an initial connection between local craftsman and the creative sector in Cluj, creating economic opportunities on both sides. Also, this year will mark the starting point for developing a cultural and touristic label and brand for the network, and drafting cultural policies in the selected communities.