The project contributes to enriching the relationship between the people and the river and to raising awareness on the presence of the Someș river in the life of the city. 

Through cultural activation and community facilitation, Riveran supports urban regeneration along the river and the implementation of the master plan for Someș.


In 2018 we plan to conduct an observatory research into the use practices and perceptions of the river at the level of the local community. The results will be incorporated into the urban planning processes and will provide an insight into the type of activities that the community wants to see by the river. An open-resource platform on the history, biodiversity, communities of the river will also be created within the project, aiming to increase interest and participation of citizens into the waterfront regeneration process.

During the autumn we plan to create a community event by the river, dedicated to the theme of Someș as a common good and involving artistic interventions and dream catching events with the locals.