We conduct studies and surveys on the status of the cultural and creative sector and on the impact of culture in society.

For establishing a statistical cultural observatory in Cluj-Napoca, we make an updated diagnosis of the cultural sector and develop a methodology and a series of researches on cultural participation.

In order to develop actions and to propose mechanisms and policies, we also carry out research on different themes covered by the Centre’s projects (well-being, urban mobility, social participation, urban development, etc.).



May 2019
Study on the needs and perceptions of students in Cluj, in collaboration with the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, Babeș-Bolyai University (UBB).
August 2019
Work in culture and the culture of work. The changing trends in how work is organized. Case studies with regard to the work in culture and informal work, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work (FSAS), UBB, for the Cluj Future of Work project.
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August 2019
Culturepreneurs. The competitiveness of cultural and creative industries in Cluj-Napoca and its metropolitan area within the European context, Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences (FSPAC), UBB, for the Cluj Future of Work project.
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August 2019
The impact of automation and digitalization on the labor and capital in Cluj-Napoca and the metropolitan area, Interdisciplinary Centre for Data Science (CISD), UBB, for the Cluj Future of Work project.
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October 2019
Study on the well-being of in training physicians, in collaboration with the Cluj County Emergency Hospital and the Public Health Department of FSPAC, UBB, within the Inner Space project.
November 2019
The audience of independent performing arts spaces in Cluj-Napoca.

Next in 2020


We join LEAP, an interdisciplinary study on young people's needs and opportunities assessment in Cluj-Napoca, carried out in partnership with the PONT Group and the departments of Public Health and of Political Sciences, FSPAC, UBB.


We become part of a Horizon 2020 international consortium for inDICEs - Measuring the impact of digital culture research project.


We join a Horizon 2020 research and innovation action MESOC - Measuring the social dimension of culture.


We set up Cluj Cultural Observatory, a repository of data and research studies on the local cultural sector.


We carry out a study on the impact of arts consumption on well-being during Covid 19 pandemic.


A new series of Cluj Future of Work 2020 reports provide an updated outline of the labor landscape in Cluj-Napoca.

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