We conduct studies and surveys on the status of the cultural and creative sector and on the impact of culture in society.

For establishing a statistical cultural observatory in Cluj-Napoca, we make an updated diagnosis of the cultural sector and develop a methodology and a series of researches on cultural participation.

In order to develop actions and to propose mechanisms and policies, we also carry out research on different themes covered by the Centre’s projects (well-being, urban mobility, social participation, urban development, etc.).


Launch of The CultureForHealth Report!

Launch of The CultureForHealth Report!

24 November, 2022 | 10.00 - 14.30 CET Online Free, registration required Policymakers, arts, cultural and health practitioners and experts are coming together on 24 November to showcase the potential that culture has on improving our health...

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Research activity in 2021

"This year we will continue the research initiated in previous years and add other perspectives to our research portfolio, to provide practical directions in the field of public policy and culture contribution at the micro and macro level." Claudia Cacovean, project manager

Methodology consolidation for the development of a Data Observatory in the field of culture

Development of a digital platform and tools for collecting data and measuring the impact of culture

Methodology and tools development for public communication of research results

Activity calendar

Cluj-Napoca Cultural Observatory - methodology, indicators, sources
Digital data collection platform, analysis and impact tools for cultural organizations
Diagnosis of 2021 Cluj cultural sector
MESOC: Measuring the Social Dimension of Culture - Cluj-Napoca “Health and well-being” pilot city - data collection, case studies, analysis, focus groups, workshops | MESOC
inDICEs: Measuring the Impact of Digital Culture - data collection, analysis, working groups, webinar | inDICEs
Art & Well-being research | Art & Well-being
Cluj Future of Work research, 2nd edition - cultural sector, cultural and creative industries, the impact of automation | FoW
Publications, scientific articles, research results communication campaigns


2020 2019
LEAP: We were part of the LEAP project consortium and contributed to the completion of the LEAP research report, the implementation of consultative processes and the project communication.
Detalii proiect:
inDICEs: We took part in the mapping and data collection in Romania for initiatives (such as applications, digital exhibitions, games, educational services, communities, practices or other intangible aspects) in which digital cultural resources from museums, archives and libraries are applied to new products, services or initiatives that generate cultural, social or economic impact, as part of the Culture 2.0 paradigm (in which entities, be they public institutions, private companies or NGOs, reuse digital cultural heritage in a product or service) or the Culture 3.0 paradigm.
Project details:
MESOC: Mapping and collecting data from a number of local actors who run or have run programs that use culture to contribute to Health & Well-being, with a social impact at the city level. Cluj is one of the three pilot cities where this type of intervention is measured.
Project details:
Art&Well-being: Together with our partners in the Art&Well-being project, we initiated and coordinated a European-level research that attests to the beneficial effect of the arts on well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Art&well-being: We organized a pilot version of cultural prescriptions, in the form of creative workshops for people with burnout symptoms. The workshops were facilitated by artists from the Create.Act.Enjoy team and consisted of exercises based on different artistic techniques. The design of the creative workshops (which constitute the cultural prescriptions) was made by a team of experts and researchers in the field of art and health, based on the results of scientific studies.
intervention details
Study on the needs and perceptions of Cluj students, conducted in collaboration with the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, Babeș-Bolyai University.
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Work in culture and work culture. Transforming trends in the way work is organized. Case studies on work in culture and informal work, conducted in collaboration with the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, BBU, for the Cluj Future of Work project.
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Culturepreneurs: Competitiveness of cultural and creative industries in Cluj-Napoca and the metropolitan area in a European context, research carried out in collaboration with the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, BBU; for the Cluj Future of Work project.
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The automation and digitalization impact on labor and capital in Cluj Metropolitan Area, carried out in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Center for Data Science, BBU; for the Cluj Future of Work project.
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Study on the well-being of resident doctors, carried out in collaboration with the County Clinical Emergency Hospital and the Department of Public Health of FSPAC, BBU, within the Inner Space project.
Study on the audience of independent spaces for performing arts in Cluj-Napoca.
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