Cluj Cultural Centre carries out research on and advocates for culture as a strategic factor in social transformation and sustainable development. We conduct studies and surveys on the status of the cultural and creative sector and on the impact of culture in society. We draft strategies, monitor the implementation of public policies, and carry out advocacy campaigns. 

For establishing a statistical cultural observatory in Cluj-Napoca, we make an updated diagnosis of the cultural sector and develop a methodology and a series of researches on cultural participation. We also carry out research on different themes covered by the Centre’s projects (well-being, urban mobility, social participation etc.).

The Centre coordinates the working groups for monitoring the Cultural Strategy and the Strategy for the Creative Industries of the city and is involved in facilitating the process of elaborating the future Development Strategy of Cluj-Napoca Municipality.

Our organization has coordinated the process leading to the developing the Cultural Strategy 2014-2020, the Creative Industries Strategy 2014-2020 of Cluj-Napoca in 2013-2014 and contributed to the working groups for the Cluj-Napoca Development Strategy. Thus culture is acknowledged in the very Vision of the city: “By its dynamic and vibrant cultural life supportive of experimentation and participation, Cluj-Napoca will become a European cultural landmark. Culture will be a transversal factor in community organising, becoming the motor of social transformation and urban regeneration.”
In 2017 we launched a Taskforce for Monitoring and improving the Cultural Strategy of Cluj-Napoca. A group of experts regularly analyse the progress achieved in the implementation of the strategy’s provisions and propose recommendations for improving its effects. A series of working meetings resulting in progress reports on the implementation of the Cultural Strategy and of the Strategy for Creative Industries took place in 2018.

The centre produced in 2013 and 2015 diagnosis reports on the status of the cultural sector in Cluj-Napoca. In 2018 we are undertaking a survey on the socio-economic position of artists and cultural workers in Romania. The results of the research will be published be the end of 2018.
Other areas and topics we are currently researching include: the relationship between urban mobility and subjective well-being of the inhabitants of Cluj-Napoca; the diaspora of Cluj; the social and economic impact of culture; culture and psychological well-being; the future of work and urban living.