Romania does not have a science centre at European standards. Therefore we propose the developing of a series of public engagement programs in preparation for the longer-term development of a standalone Science Centre in the following years.

The QUANTUM is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Arts & Maths) centre that can pop up anywhere and at any time and that can be in two or more places at the same time. It is ENTANGLED with SOCIETY with ‘quantum packets of information’ – other science centres and cultural institutions in Europe, with nodes of industry and innovation, with civil society, schools and educational institutions and, most importantly, with the citizens themselves.

The QUANTUM promotes knowledge and participation at the intersection of the arts, humanities, science and technology. It is conceived as a poll for innovation and culture both in terms of its curatorial agenda and its innovative education programmes. Inventions, science, discoveries and hands-on experiences: all are there. This unique gallery will showcase cutting-edge developments in science, technology and the arts. The project is developed in collaboration and with direct participation of local universities, especially science and technology departments. Artists and scientists, equally local and European, will be invited to share resources and ideas and to implement them.”