Quantum is a city-wide STEAM education programme (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) inspired by the need for a first science centre in Romania.

Quantum’s role is to cultivate the appetite for science and innovation in the local community and to develop capacity in four major groups (teachers, museums, artists and industry) to engage in participatory activities and inquiry-based education.

We organize workshops and mediation programmes for educators and early career researchers, we run STEAM activities, including the Quantum Questions festival, and we promote citizen science through novel engagement formats.

Project news

Exploratory Encounters 2019

Miruna Amza, Project Manager within Cluj Cultural Centre participated in the workshop and debate session called Exploratory Encounters,...

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December 2018 Re-Think Plastic, a STEAM project encouraging recycling and repurposing of plastic waste, is piloted under the Quantum initiative.
April 2019 A science communication training programme is delivered in collaboration with Universcience Paris.
May 2019 Hackathon Heroes is organised together with the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca and Cité des sciences et de l'Industrie - Universcience Paris.
June 2019 The first edition of Quantum Questions STEAM Festival mobilises artists, scientists and an audience of 500 people.

Next in 2020

From November 1 on

Science is everywhere, a set of thought-provoking activations and installations are exhibited across the city, as an invitation towards public engagement with science.

November 9-19

Art and Science Pop-Up Labs, an interdisciplinary educational programme co-created with teachers, pupils, artists and science communicators is organised in the framework of Studiotopia.

From December 5 on

Learning Qub, taking the form of a community hub and a resource centre on a mission to research and design innovative STEAM education solutions, seeds a novel approach for STEAM education in Cluj.

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