Jivipen, which means “life” in the Romani language, promotes Roma culture and supports contemporary expressions of the Roma life.

The project uses culture to address topics such as Roma history and persisting inequalities, and facilitates new connections between the Roma and non-Roma communities of the city.

The project includes The Roma Culture Days, an annual event taking place in the framework of Cluj Days, and supports emerging Roma artists by commissioning their works. Jivipen also supports Cluj museums in their endeavour to establish collections and programmes dedicated to Roma culture.

Summer camps for Roma kids, a series of talks dedicated to intercultural topics and an international Think & Act Tank complete the Jivipen agenda.


Launch of The CultureForHealth Report!

Launch of The CultureForHealth Report!

24 November, 2022 | 10.00 - 14.30 CET Online Free, registration required http://eepurl.com/ibVEFv Policymakers, arts, cultural and health practitioners and experts are coming together on 24 November to showcase the potential that culture has on improving our health...

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Improving Roma-non-Roma relations, public perception and public reflection of the Roma minority

Promoting and supporting Roma artists and producers

Facilitating the access of Pata Rât people to cultural and social activities

Collaboration with cultural institutions and organizations to increase the representation of Roma culture and history in their cultural collections and programs

Activity calendar

Roma Culture Days - during the Cluj Days
Jivipen meetings
Summer camps | Telciu Summer School, Art’n’Play
”Meet the rOma” („Cunoaște rOmul”) exhibition, International Roma Day
Documentation activities and tools development to support Roma culture - open fund / calls, residencies
Documentation activities and tools development to support Roma culture - open fund / calls, residencies
Institutional collaborations for the representation of Roma culture and history in public collections and programs - Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania, IAFAR
- research and production residences based on archives and public collections: Jivipen residences
- research and documentation


2020 2019 2018 2017


The "Meet the rOma" („Cunoaște rOmul”) exhibition presented the history of the Roma in a way that combined political events and decisions with the real destinies of the people.

The exhibition alternated the presentation of some outstanding Roma personalities with the impersonal events and forces, often dramatic, that the Roma community in Europe went through. The exhibition curator was Alexandru Fechete, a human rights activist.


The “Roma (S)heroes” workshops were intended for young Roma and non-Roma interested in discovering contemporary Roma drama and creatively exploring the heroine/hero figure.

Together with trainers Mihaela Drăgan and Zita Moldovan from Giuvlipen, the participants were able to get in touch with Roma drama texts for a foray into the world of storytelling and dramatic writing.


We started the first edition of Jivipen Meetings

The Jivipen meetings are a series of online discussions with various Roma artists or activists, in a relaxed setting, aiming to promote knowledge and communication between the Roma minority and the majority. Through the Jivipen Meetings we want to bring Roma life and artistic/cultural production to the forefront, as well as the values or visions that structure and animate them.


Through the Cultural Voucher, we facilitated access to various cultural events for the Pata Rât communities. .

With support from the Jazz in the Park Fund, we launched several actions to increase access to culture for children and adults in the Roma communities in the city.


Roma Culture Days in Cluj Days: we organized a section dedicated to Roma culture during the official event of the city. .

The program was prepared by the curators Alexandru Fechete and Selma Dragoș and included three theater performances (You haven't seen anything, Sexodrom, Vi me som rom), Rome fairy tale reading workshops, debates, participatory performances and forum theater workshops.


We ensured the participation of 10 children from the Pata Rât communities in the Telciu Summer School, where they benefited from an intercultural program. .

The children from Traian Dârjan School participated in the Telciu Summer School in theater performances, animation and juggling workshops, film screenings and were accompanied throughout the event by Claudia Demeter, teacher, and Selma Dragoș, resident artist in the Art’n’Play project.


Roma Culture Days were extended to include films, theater performances or discussions about Roma life and culture.

In 2018, Jivipen initiated a day dedicated to Roma culture (May 19) during the Cluj Days. The project facilitated the participation of 150 children and adults from Pata Rât in various activities of the Cluj Days program, with the support of cultural mediators Alexandru Fechete, Emese Apai and Izabella Kasza.


For the first time, Cluj Days included a section dedicated to Roma culture.

The pilot edition of Jivipen sought to offer the Roma community opportunities to present themselves to other communities in Cluj and to enjoy the city together. This was achieved by organizing a concert of the band Taraf de Caliu at Pata Rât (1000 participants) and a Jivipen activity area in the Central Park in Cluj. The project benefited from the support of Jazz in the Park, organized by Fapte Association, member of CCC, also the support of Alexandru Fechete, activist and community facilitator from Pata Rât community and of the National Center for Roma Culture. The Jivipen program in the Central Park included concerts and dance performances with artists from the Pata Rât community, presentations and workshops of traditional craftsmen, as well as the theater show "If you don't see me, you don't know me", by Marcel Costea and John Bergman. The Jivipen activities ended with a research among the Roma community, which showed more about their desire to get involved in similar activities in the future.

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