Inner Space

Inner Space is an interdisciplinary project exploring the relation between culture and well-being.

Artists, scientists, health and psychology experts work together to raise awareness on the dangers that today threaten our emotional, mental and physical health. We explore how art and cultural participation contribute to the well-being of the city’s inhabitants.

The project develops a Culture and Well-being Think Tank, hosts an annual international forum and pilots design and artistic interventions aimed at individual and community well-being.

We aim that the city of Cluj-Napoca becomes one of the first cities from the region to include psychological well-being among the strategic factors for its sustainable development and an important centre of expertise in art and well-being.

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December 2018 The first edition of Culture & Well-being Forum is organized in Cluj-Napoca.
December 2018 The interdisciplinary Think-Tank is formed, gathering national and international experts. The interdisciplinary Think-Tank is formed, gathering national and international experts.
November 2018 The first artistic residence at the Emergency Hospital in Cluj enables artists to transform the atmosphere of the space and improve the well-being of patients and health professionals.
October 2019 We pilot Unspeakable, a music composition workshop for teenagers, in partnership with Notes & Ties.
October 2019 We extend our work at European level though Art & Well-being, a Creative Europe funded cooperation project developed with Bozar (BE), UGM (SI) and Bruno Kessler Foundation (IT).
December 2019 Better Cities - a conversation between artists, scientists and urban planners is hosted by the Culture and Well-being Think Tank.

Next in 2020

April 11

Artists from 19 countries submit 170 proposals for our international call for projects on art and well-being.

May 11

We start a survey on art consumption during the covid-19 crisis and its impact on well-being.

From September 15 on

A programme of cultural prescriptions is piloted.

October 15

Artworks exploring the relationship between arts and well-being are co-produced and exhibited in public spaces and museums.

October 22-23

We organize a new edition of the Culture and Well-being Forum.

November 11

Well-being experimental space is opened at the Emergency Hospital in Cluj.

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