During the second consultation workshop  Digital transitions in the Cultural Heritage, organized within the inDICEs project, it was publicly launched an open call for cultural sources by professor Pier Luigi Sacco, Senior Researcher. 

Through this open call the public is invited to indicate websites on cultural heritage and contribute to the research that inDICEs is conducting to measure the social and economic impact of the digitization of the collections of museums, libraries and archives.

Relevant to the research are the websites that contain data and information on cultural themes, trends and digitized cultural contents like:

  • Websites of cultural institutions, websites of cultural debate and cultural practices.
  • Legal online sources on cultural heritage and from cultural heritage institutions
  • Websites from any cultural institute or organization, no matter the size or how involved they are in the digitization process. 

Sources that can be included are: 

  • open-access text-based web sites
  • official sources, blogs, magazines, social network pages, newspapers, open access scientific journals

The collected contributions from this participatory process of experts and the public will provide resources for the development and the use of the Visual Analytics Dashboard, an advanced information exploration and retrieval interface that aims to track and analyse emerging stories of the Cultural Heritage Sector on the inDICEs Open Observatory Platform.

The Open Observatory Platform provides a safe place for debates, research, and best practices sharing between experts and creates an online community around the cultural heritage topic. 

Join the open call and sign up to be part of the inDICEs community and participate in the discussions.

Cluj Cultural Centre is one of the project partners contributing to the research, drafting policy and guidelines and facilitating the engagement of the artistic and creative communities in project activities.

About inDICEs

The project empowers Cultural and Creative Industries and policymakers to fully understand the social and economic impact of digitization and innovative reuse of cultural assets. The Horizon 2020 funded project will result in tools that can be used to measure and advance the impact of cultural heritage in Europe. 

Project Partners

ICCU (IT), KU Leuven (BE), Sound and Vision, Centrum Cyfrowe (PL), Fondazione Bruno Kessler (IT), Platoniq (ES), Europeana Foundation, European Fashion Heritage Association (IT), MICHAEL Culture (BE), Deutscher Museumsbund (DE), webLyzard technology gmbh (AT), Capital High Tech SARL (FR), PIN SOC.CONS. A R.L. (IT),Cluj Cultural Centre (RO).