InClujing You

In the form of activities and meetings, doubled by an online platform, the project will develop methods and tools for a better integration and participation in the life of the city of several micro-communities: the newcomers in the city, the expatriates, the elders, vulnerable people, the alumni of Cluj-Napoca universities and the diaspora as well.

Developing common initiatives with the local administration, participating in cultural, social and economic events, and in the decision making processes of the city are essential for the people to feel at home in Cluj-Napoca. Therefore, the main theme of the project is the connection of the people and groups in Cluj-Napoca and the stimulation of their constant participation in the city’s life.

In 2018, the second edition of InClujing You, as an event dedicated to newcomers, will be organized from 8 to 11 October. The activities will take place in 4 main university campuses – Hașdeu, Observator, Mărăști and Economica. On October 11th, a welcome event will take place in Hașdeu (the main campus), with the participation of student`s organizations, members and collaborators of the Cluj Cultural Centre. This year, students will be offered a cultural voucher, that will allow them a low-priced or free access to events organized by cultural operators and a city guide that will provide information regarding the cultural, social and economic opportunities the city has to offer to newcomers.

Also, in order to connect the different groups of the city, new networks will be formed (such as the diaspora network). During this period, a research regarding the diaspora also takes place. It targets the social and economic factors which contributed to the formation of the diaspora and will provide information about the context in which its members would return to live in Cluj-Napoca or would simply be more involved in the city’s life.  In November, a Diaspora Council, involving its top representatives, will be also established.