Etnogalactica. Intergalactic Ethnography Park

Etnogalactica is a park dedicated to the ethnography of imaginary worlds. The imaginary is thus reflected through different means of expression at the intersection between art and science. The Intergalactic Ethnography Park is an extension of the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania towards the reportedly haunted Hoia-Baciu forest.

Unique in the world, the park will host ‘realms’ of augmented reality and art works that imagine new ethnographies, as well as a series of events that bring together ethnography, science, sci-fi and creativity enthusiasts, in order to test and explore the limits of reality. Beyond its mission to become a cultural tourism hotspot and an immersive space for large audiences, Etnogalactica is also a context for the development of new innovative projects in arts and technology.

Also, we see the project as an opportunity for the city to practice integrated urban development, involving various relevant stakeholders in conceiving the plan and programme for the Park: the County Council, the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medecine, Cluj-Napoca City Hall, the technology clusters, the cultural sector and citizens.

In 2018, we will continue the work of defining the project theme for a future international design competition that will decide, in 2020, how the Intergalactic Ethnography Park will look like. The theme will be a collaborative result of all key actors in the project, but also of international and local professionals with relevant experience in the field.