European Centre of Contemporary Art

ECCA is a future art institution devoted to exhibiting, researching and documenting Romanian and international art productions, with a specific focus on Central and Eastern Europe. ECCA responds to a real need of the burgeoning local artistic community and, at the same time, to the expectations of the public interested in contemporary artistic phenomena.

Through a consistent and high-quality program of visual and performing arts we aim to produce an important social impact in the local community, mobilizing contemporary arts as a channel and catalyst for education, knowledge and social networking.

ECCA proposes to establish an institutional model with a European dimension, cultivating a close and sustainable relationship with various local and international cultural operators. ECCA has the ambition to become not only a meeting place and a collaboration platform between various organizations, artists and the public, but it also aims to become a relevant institution in the field of contemporary art in Eastern Europe.

The ECCA project was informed by consultations with members of several flagship institutions in Cluj-Napoca: Art and Design University, Paintbrush Factory, Center of Interest, Union of Visual Artists, and Babeş-Bolyai University.

Until identifying and setting up a dedicated building, ECCA organizes temporary projects in various locations in Cluj-Napoca.

The ECCA project for 2018 is called Memory as Vision. It addresses the theme of the Centenary (modern Romania is turning 100 this year) in a contemporary context through visual and performing arts projects. The common denominator of the projects is the interdisciplinary approach that highlights the intersection between identity, memory, history and the reflections on the transformations that the future can bring into culture and society. If 100 years ago modernity has crystallized and the avant-garde premises have been created, how could art and reality look like 100 years from now on? How can we internalize the past as to be able to anticipate the future, especially in the context of profound transformations of European societies nowadays? The project launches a challenge to reflect through art on the future and the changes brought about by technological developments, social trends, community, European, inter-cultural, ecological, ideological issues, etc.

The project includes the following activities: theater and performances by international artists, visual arts exhibition with 24 Romanian artists and groups, a series of film screenings from the National Film Archive, a workshop focused on art production and the intergenerational dialogue, as well as the publication of a catalog.