Culturepreneurs is an annual program devoted to the cultural industries through which we support job creation in this sector and the promotion of cultural and creative products in order to generate wealth. We support the creation and the development of startups in design, film, music, crafts and media. During three months we provide space for coworking, training and consulting in technology management and incubation. In the same time, we provide an organized framework for meetings with potential investors and distributors.

In 2018 we conduct the pilot edition of the project, implying ten young entrepreneurs from the field of film and music. They benefit from free access to workspace, training and consulting from the Cluj Cultural Center member organizations which are specialized in entrepreneurship, management and technology. The cultural and creative plans and products developed in the program are then presented to potential investors and to the general public, during a festival of cultural industries. In this festival, these products and businesses are marketized and the economic model is promoted among young people from the city. 

Cluj Future of Work tackles the themes and priorities of Culturepreneurs, Cluj 2.1 and Jivipen. Cluj Future of Work is a project created and implemented by the Cluj Cultural Centre and the Cluj-Napoca Municipality and funded through the Urban Innovative Actions programme of the European Commission. The total grant has a value of 5.6 million euro and is available for 2019-2021. Partners: Universitatea de Artă şi Design din Cluj-Napoca, Festivalul Internațional de Film Transilvania, festivalul ZAIN, Fundația AltArt, ARIES Transilvania, Cluj IT, Cluster Mobilier Transilvan și Clusterul de Industrii Creative. More details on