Culturepreneurs is an entrepreneurial education programme dedicated to professionals in the cultural and creative sectors.

The project supports the creation and development of businesses and social businesses in design, film, music, crafts, publishing and other creative sectors by providing access to coworking spaces and labs, training and consulting in management, technology and societal challenges, as well as by organising meeting and networking opportunities with relevant stakeholders.

The Culturepreneurs programme is a key component of our Cluj Future of Work research and development project, cofunded by the European Commission through Urban Innovative Actions.

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Development of CLTP 2020-2021 specialized modules

Facilitating participants' access to laboratories and specialized consulting for prototyping and developing ideas

Development of the Culturepreneurs program transfer plan

Initiation of the 4th edition of Culturepreneurs

Activity calendar

Modules - stage 2 of the Culturepreneurs 20/21 program
  • Online courses
  • Lab courses
  • Preparing the courses infrastructure
Activities to facilitate the development of participants and ideas
  • Monthly coaching sessions
  • Consulting with various fields experts
  • Masterclasses and workshops
Culturepreneurs intersection with other activities from the Future of Work project - “Informal Work”, International Marketing Scholarships, “Future Scenarios”, Future of Work Festival
Pitching session
Culturepreneurs curriculum transfer
  • Evaluation and review of the first program stage materials
  • Piloting the curriculum transfer in partnership with various stakeholders
Culturepreneurs Cowork
CULTUREPRENEURS 4.0 – Plan development and participants’ selection


2020 2019 2018


The first stage of the current program ended with a pitching session and a presentation of the developed ideas.

The first Culturepreneurs 20/21 pitching session took place on December 7, when the participants were able to present the ideas developed during the first six modules of the program, as well as their expectations regarding the second stage of the program.


Delivery of the first six learning modules.

In the first stage of the Culturepreneurs program, six learning modules were delivered: Systems Thinking and Open Innovation, Management and Strategy, Marketing and Communication, Financial Management and Legality, Digitization, Artistic Thinking.


Launch of the Culturepreneurs 20/21 program.

The official start of Culturepreneurs 20/21 took place on September 21 and included the presentation of the program content, trainers and participants. The moment was marked by an online meeting attended by the 69 creatives who had been selected following the public call organized in June, together with professionals from the Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster, Cluj IT Cluster, Transylvania IT Cluster, Transylvania International Film Festival, University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca and ZAIN Transylvanian Creativity Festival.


Participants’ selection went through several stages to identify business ideas in the cultural and creative sector.

Beginner or advanced entrepreneurs who signed up for the program had free access to training workshops, mentoring programs and also spaces, equipment and financial resources to implement their ideas. Culturepreneurs is dedicated to professionals in the cultural and creative sectors, who are open to technology and intend to develop sustainable projects.


Culturepreneurs joined the Cluj Future of Work project funded by the UIA to test new ways in which cultural and creative work can be more sustainable.

Cluj Future of Work studies and tests possibilities through which the city can prepare for the future challenges on the labor market. Cultural and social aspects are especially considered: what are the jobs that can be developed in the cultural and creative sectors, what will happen in the high automation risk sectors, what will happen in the sectors that already have problems with the labor market integration.


60 ideas enter the second edition of the program, with the following selected finalists: TimOrientalism, Art Crawl, Culturescu, Cultural productions for education and Support your local artist. .


Four projects were awarded at the end of the first edition: Art to Go, Circus Fairies, Gaming and Fotopia Collective Festival.

13 project ideas were selected at the 2018 edition, ideas developed by the applicants who went through several workshops and mentoring programs. All the projects were presented in a public event at the end of the edition, the best 4 projects being awarded: Art to Go (Bogdan Odăgescu and Oana Banu), Contemporary Circus - Circus Fairies (Ana Leoca), Gaming (Oana Stănculescu) and Fotopia Collective Festival (Călin Ilea).


The first Culturepreneurs edition was launched, providing training and guidance for the development of 13 project ideas.

The project partners were: Cluj Hub, Cluj Startups, Romanian IT, Cluj IT, Innovation Labs Cluj / Simplon, Spherik Accelerator, Arxia, Cluj Cowork, Startup Weekend Cluj, Today Software Magazine, Silicon Forest, TIFF, Electric Castle, Fapte, University of Art and Design, ZAIN, Rotaract, Scientifica, Transylvania Opera Academy, CREIC, Hosterion, Carabas&Lungu, Cluj County Council, Cluj-Napoca City Hall.

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