The Jazz in the Park is the instrument that brings the community together and erases the transiency of any event. The message we are trying to pass through the fund is simple: if each of us contributes little to the good of the local community, we can do anything, we can be better as a city, as a country or as a festival audience.

Alin Vaida

director , Asocia╚Ťia Fapte

This year, the non-mandatory ticket for your mandatory (you’ll see there and then why… ­čÖé ) participation at Jazz in the Park may be the life’s wonder of someone that otherwise would not be allowed to even dream about it.

Because the 20 lei will represent the purchase of an admission ticket to a cultural event for someone who otherwise would not be able to attend it.

In this way, those in need can go to a movie, a theater show or a concert, and benefit of logistic support while attending those cultural events (transport, mediation, follow-up, etc.).

With your help, the voucher will reach the Raluca Association (dedicated to young people with Down syndrome), the Maltese Help Service (helps people with motor disabilities), Cluj has Soul (support for young people in the countryside), Autism Transylvania Association, Roma children from the School Traian Dârjan.


This way everyone wins: those in need of an unforgettable experience, you … well, you will do this magic with your hand ­čÄź

See you in the park!