Cluj Cultural Centre and its partners present the pilot program that aims to increase students’ participation to cultural and artistic events, encouraging them to discover the city from a cultural perspective. With the cultural voucher the student and its companion receive free tickets to theatre, opera or museum, thus having the opportunity to enjoy cultural experiences with friends.

Partners of the program:
Paintbrush Factory, Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania, National Museum of Transylvanian History, Romanian National Opera from Cluj-Napoca, Reactor of creation and experiment, Puck Puppet Theatre, Zug Zone.

How to get a cultural voucher?
On the website of the project, after completing a form, students will automatically receive an email with an unique code. They can use the code to get two tickets for a show, within the limits of the available seats.

Cultural voucher is an initiative of the Cluj Cultural Centre, through InClujiune program, which aims to create and develop opportunities for interaction and active participation in the city life for various groups which are part of Cluj community.