Last week we launched a series of monthly meetings dedicated to the member organizations and institutions of Cluj Cultural Centre, under the name CONCENTRIC. Meetings about Culture.

More than 20 representatives participated at the first meeting and their presence confirmed the need for such contexts that bring together the organizations working in the cultural sector. The members who attended our first CONCENTRIC meeting, on March 28th, were: Social Circle, Why not Us, Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania, National Museum of Transylvanian History, French Institute of Cluj, ARTA in Dialogue Association, Lateral Artspace, Circus Fairies, Somes Delivery, Create.Act.Enjoy, Reactor de creatie si experiment, TIFF, Octavian Goga County Library, Transilvania Trust Foundation.

During this first meeting we discussed about culture and its role in society, and we formulated  the main themes of interest for the cultural operators in Cluj, which will be addressed in the following CONCENTRIC meetings. Some of these are: how do we identify and use existing local resources in the cultural sector, how can we work together and share our knowledge and experience with other local organizations, what are the alternative funding sources and how can we improve the procedures for current local funds, how can we build our programs in accordance with the needs and the feedback of the public and how can we build audience development programs, how can we measure culture and its impact, how we share an unitary and relevant direction for culture in Cluj, what tools can we develop in order to improve the way we communicate our programs.

The next CONCENTRIC meeting will take place on April 18th and the theme is ”How can we improve the local funding system”.

CONCENTRIC is organized by Cluj Cultural Centre through the Academy of Change, our program for capacity building in the cultural sector.