Art’n’Play is our programme for cultural education in schools, aiming to equip young people with cultural competences, creativity, creative thinking and life skills.
With ten schools in Cluj-Napoca already active in the programme and five others in the metropolitan area ready to join, Art’n’Play establishes a network of schools where art and creativity are offered as resources for children’s social and cognitive development.

The Art’n’Play schools host an artist-inresidence who works with students, teachers and the community around the school to develop artistic projects meant to encourage innovation in the learning environment. Teachers and school managers are trained in the UNESCO-awarded Pre-texts methodology, so they can embed arts and culture in the generalist curriculum.


A new Pre-Texts training series for teachers

A new Pre-Texts training series for teachers

This year’s first training session took place on September 28, within the Pre-Texts educational program, dedicated to teachers. Pre-Texts is a learning protocol developed by the Cultural Agents organization, a program which stimulates critical thinking, creativity and...

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Consolidation of the school network through Cluj School Network (CSN)

Finalizing the Art'n'Play cultural intervention model

Strengthening the capacity of the educational environment to integrate cultural education and STEAM for the students’ and teachers’ well-being

Defining and developing collaboration mechanisms between schools and other sectors

Defining the transfer plan and starting its implementation

Activity calendar

Development of the Cluj School Network (15 schools) | Learning Qub
Well-being space Ghibu | Art & Well-being, Learning Qub | Prototyping Futures
Development of the Art'n'Play cultural-educational intervention model
Pre-Texts teacher training sessions (2 sessions) | Learning Qub
Art'n'Play cultural education activities
  • Online workshops | Learning Qub
  • Summer camps in rural schools


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Three of the artists involved in the Art'n'Play project held online creative workshops on music and rhythm, as well as creative writing.

The online workshops have opened up new possibilities - a good part of the participating children were not students at the project network schools and more than half of them were from outside Cluj County.


Two other schools in the project network were invited to go through the Pre-Texts methodology, which contributes to increasing the capacity of the schools in the network.


Educational resources created by artists and teachers.

11 teachers and artists from Cluj collaborated to create six educational resources with scientific themes explained by artistic means - comics, theatre plays, stories. The materials will be tested in the project network schools.


The artists in residence and the children created musical pieces, visual art exhibitions, animated short films.

The Pre-Texts program is a learning protocol developed by the Cultural Agents organization, which stimulates critical thinking, creativity and active participation by using literary texts to support the whole process. Its purpose is to outline a new way of conducting classes that would encourage children to become active readers and to develop the cognitive and emotional skills that are so necessary during academic training, as well as in adult life.


The artists in residence and the children created musical pieces, visual art exhibitions, animated short films.


The cultural education sessions held by artists in schools and cultural spaces involved 2000 children.

In addition to the activities supported by artists in schools, we organized 10 interactive guided tours of the History Museum, Ethnographic Museum, ”Arta” Cinema, Zoological Museum and Botanical Museum.


The network was doubled (10 schools and 10 artists in residence).

The program brought 10 artists from Cluj in 10 city schools: Nicolae Bălcescu Theoretical High School, Octavian Goga Secondary School, Anghel Saligny Technical College, Nicolae Titulescu Secondary School, Iuliu Hațieganu Secondary School, Onisifor Ghibu Theoretical High School, Eugen Pora Theoretical High School, Transylvania College International School, Kozmutza Flora Special School for the Hearing Impaired and Traian Dârjan Secondary School.


5 schools and 5 artists joined the Art'n'Play program

During the first year, each artist spent two hours a week in schools, doing activities with students and teachers, either in the form of thematic workshops in classrooms, or in the form of art, theater, reading and music clubs.

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