Art’n’Play is our programme for cultural education in schools, aiming to equip young people with cultural competences, creativity, creative thinking and life skills.
With ten schools in Cluj-Napoca already active in the programme and five others in the metropolitan area ready to join, Art’n’Play establishes a network of schools where art and creativity are offered as resources for children’s social and cognitive development.

The Art’n’Play schools host an artist-inresidence who works with students, teachers and the community around the school to develop artistic projects meant to encourage innovation in the learning environment. Teachers and school managers are trained in the UNESCO-awarded Pre-texts methodology, so they can embed arts and culture in the generalist curriculum.


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September 2018 First five schools and five artists join Art’n’Play.
February 2019 The school network doubles in size.
June 2019 In 2019, our cultural mediation sessions facilitated by artists in schools and cultural spaces engage 2000 children and students.
November 2019 Artists-in-residence and children co-create musical pieces, visual art exhibitions, short animation films.
December 2019 First 25 teachers and mediators are trained in the Pre-Texts methodology.

Next in 2020

From July 15 on

Artists and teachers start co-creating STEAM learning activities, using art to approach diverse scientific themes, in the framework of Studiotopia.

From July 20 on

A research to assess the impact of cultural education on students' wellbeing is conducted.

From August 1 on

Artists facilitate creative workshops for primary school children during summer camps in villages across Cluj county.

September 15

The schools network expands with five schools from rural areas of Cluj county.

November 20

The Art’n’Play cultural educational model is developed.

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