Art’n’Play is a project for cultural and artistic education in schools. The project establishes a network of schools where art and creativity are offered as resources for children’s social and cognitive development. 

Ten schools in Cluj-Napoca host for the duration of an entire school year an artist-in-residence who works with students, teachers and the community around the school to develop artistic projects meant to encourage innovation in the learning environment.

The project generates a collaborative framework for creative experiences that will encourage and facilitate students access to culture, both within and outside schools, by participating in art exhibitions, performances and creative workshops and supporting the integration of cultural content into formal educational processes.


In 2018, a pilot network of 5 Cluj-Napoca schools will be formed. Each of these schools will integrate a resident artist into the educational program.  The artist will become a part of the school’s life, will participate in its activities and will integrate artistic content into the students’ program, with the support of a cultural mediator and educational facilitators (teachers in each school).

At the same time, we will organize cultural and artistic education activities in the schools, in the form of creative workshops and interactive meetings with music, theatre and architecture artists. The artistic residence takes place in October-November and at the end of the year the first results of the project will be presented.