Advocacy and Policy Development

Cluj Cultural Centre advocates for culture as a strategic factor in social transformation and sustainable development.

We draft strategies, monitor the implementation of public policies, and carry out advocacy campaigns. We participate in local, national and European working groups, alongside experts in culture and policy makers.

At the local level we facilitate the dialogue between the cultural sector and the public administration, coordinating the development of local strategies on culture and creative industries, and bringing a cultural perspective to other local policies.



2013 We coordinate the development of the Cultural Strategy and the Strategy for Creative Industries within the 2014-2020 Cluj-Napoca Development Strategy.
2017 We provide qualitative input for the profile of Cluj-Napoca in the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor.
2017 A taskforce for the monitoring of the implementation of the Cultural Strategy is created; a mid-term implementation report is delivered.
2018 The Urban Innovation Unit, a cooperation of the Cluj Cultural Centre and Cluj-Napoca Municipality is developed as a mechanism to pilot urban innovation.
2018 We contribute to the improvement of the guidelines for the local public funding scheme in Cluj-Napoca.

Next in 2020

March 16

An open letter signed by 50 members of the Centre invites the Ministry of Culture to establish a task force with representatives of the independent cultural sector, to identify measures to support the cultural sector in the context of the pandemic.

May 2

We coordinate and facilitate a dialogue between cultural organisations and the Cluj-Napoca Municipality to address the need to resume local funding for cultural projects after the COVID-19 crisis.

May 6

We set up a working group with representatives of the cultural sector and the public administration to identify and initiate policy measures to restart and consolidate the local sector.

May 10

One Cluj (Un Singur Cluj), an initiative we co-founded to support Cluj hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic, gathers 4.000 donors, 1 million lei, 1.5 million protection equipment and 17 ventilators provided to the medical sector

May 15

A policy document on Culture, Leisure, Sport and Tourism is drafted in the framework of the 2020-2030 Integrated Strategy for Urban Development of the Cluj Metropolitan Area.

June 15-18

Stakeholder consultations are carried out and policy recommendations aiming at improving the quality of life of youth in Cluj-Napoca and Metropolitan Area are formulated within the LEAP project.

October 2

Cities Fund for Culture, a collaborative pilot granting mechanism of ten cities members of Culture Next network, is piloted.

November 15

The Cluj School Network is established to facilitate a sustainable transformation of the local educational ecosystem.

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