The Academy of Change

The Academy of Change is a programme dedicated to capacity building for the civic and cultural sectors in Cluj. The programme aims to produce change in the local community by training and connecting several target groups, fueling their availability and capacity to become actors of change. We support the development of new ideas, training for professionals and organisations in order to equip them to play a role adapted to a dynamic society and create resources for innovation, exchange and responsibility.

The vision of the programme builds on the idea that in order to produce change, we need agents of change that generate it, people and institutions with the right skills, who are connected and who cooperate. Through this programme, we aim to train, ensure access to dedicated programmes and develop connection points between different agents of change.

Programme structure and target groups:

Open Courses | for all interested

Professional Development | for the cultural scene

Cultural Mediation Programme | for professionals

Audience Development Programme | for cultural organisations and institutions and their audience

In November 2017, we launched an experimental version of the platform, designed in partnership with Evozon, and we offered 142 free places to 22 courses given by members or collaborators of Cluj Cultural Centre. Also in 2017, we organised the workshop Audience Development Techniques, part of the cultural mediation programme. The workshop was attended by representatives of several organisations and institutions in the city.

This year, we continue the open courses programme, aiming to include new learning subjects and to diversify the educational offer. In October, we will organise the first edition of Fast Forward – the forum of the Academy of Change, a one-day event that brings together presentations and creative projects on education.

The cultural mediation programme will include a new workshop dedicated to cultural mediators, whom we will mobilize to test out a pilot programme of practical interventions and the development of mediation tools, such as the cultural toolbox – a set of activities and materials that will facilitate learning about art for young audiences. We will also research and explore various international practices in cultural mediation, in order to validate the profession formally.

During autumn, we will start organizing a series of monthly meetings gathering representatives of key sectors collaborating with Cluj Cultural Centre, meetings that aim to create connections between professionals from different fields, to offer a space for exchange and dialogue between them and to offer a context for inspiration and collaboration between domains.

The events will be accompanied by the research work and design thinking for future actions part of the audience development programme (the Cultural Voucher) or professional development programme (the artistic residencies).