What is Cluj Cultural Centre?

Cluj Cultural Centre is a non-governmental organization for culture and urban development.

Initially intended to prepare the city’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2021, Cluj Cultural Centre implements a comprehensive program addressing strategic challenges of society.


This program addresses interdisciplinary projects which approach various themes: contemporary art, well-being, cultural and artistic education, urban regeneration, community connection, social inclusion, cultural industries, rural development, ethnography of imagined worlds, cultural sector’s capacity-building, social and urban innovation, international cooperation, research, and policies.

Cluj Cultural Centre has 95 members: cultural institutions and the local cultural organizations, Cluj universities, business clubs and clusters, civil society organizations, local and regional administration.


We believe that culture makes cities present and human. 

Our mission is to mobilize culture, in partnership with other sectors, in order to contribute to the social transformation and urban development.

Strategic objectives:

  1. Developing the city of Cluj as a strategic European city in the field of art and culture;
  2. Facilitating the cohesion and vitality of the local community;
  3. Contribution through culture to local and regional development;
  4. Strengthening the Center’s strategic role;
  5. Developing an up-to-date and sustainable organizational model.

See our 2017 Activity Report here and the 2018 Activity Report here.