Qub Education

Qub Education is a program to support and develop the educational system based on connecting it with the cultural sector, civil society and the business environment.

The program integrates the Community of Schools, a training and collaboration platform between Cluj schools and other local actors, and the Qub center, a space dedicated to STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) where workshops and STEAM clubs take place and which prepares community to make the best use of the city’s future interactive science centre.

Qub provides education, exhibition, co-creation and networking spaces, as well as a library of educational resources, to schools and local ecosystem partners. The Schools Community is a network for increasing the capacity of schools to adopt relevant educational programs provided by actors outside the school system.

At the moment, Qub Education brings together 22 Cluj schools and 15 educational partners who offer 300 workshops for about 5000 Cluj students every year: STEAM education, cultural education, financial education, nutrition, sports, etc. The partners also offer education programs for teachers and school principals.

The Qub Education program is financed by the Botnar Foundation in the context of the Our Cluj initiative and developed with the support of Cluj-Napoca City Hall and the County School Inspectorate.



STEAM workshops in 9 schools in Cluj


clubs and STEAM workshops in the QUB space


tool for measuring the impact of culture on the SDGs


edition of the mobility program


internal call for thematic working groups


Project News

Quantum EN

LUMEN: educational kits

Cluj Cultural Centre, in partnership with Scientifica, proposes the Lumen
Inner Space

Experimental spaces for arts and well-being imagined, prototyped and implemented in a school in Cluj-Napoca

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Culture Works

The second edition of Quantum Questions: 18 works of art and science displayed in the Conti and Demmers showcases

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News from CCC

Exploratory Encounters 2019

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Two days of science festival downtown Cluj: Quantum Questions

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Culture Works

Looking for 10 Hackathon Heroes to build an App which controls the Terrarium remotely

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