An Existential Perspective on Work | A workshop for people working in companies

While we strive to reach our objectives in our work, we often face uncertainties, tensions and limitations, which are unavoidable facts of life. There are situations and times when we are not able to deal with them, feel desperate, waver and get stuck. Sometimes we overestimate our physical or psychological limits or even the limits of our competencies, we may unconsciously force ourselves to perform beyond them and one day we come to a state that we cannot take it anymore. Sometimes we underestimate our potential and remain in our comfort zone, which causes a lack of satisfaction with life. We sometimes perceive that what we are doing is meaningless, which may result in a loss of motivation to move forward. 

This workshop is specifically curated for professionals like you to delve into the existential aspects of professional lives. It will take place on November 20th (from 14:00 to 17:00) at Casa TIFF, and Mahir Namur will guide us through the conversation. 

As the ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus stated, \”It is not the events themselves that trouble people\’s minds, but rather the meaning they place on those events.\” Drawing inspiration from this insight, in this seminar, Mahir Namur, cultural manager and psychological counselor, will introduce an existential perspective on life, so that participants are encouraged to reevaluate their outlook to all these existential issues in their professional life, in order to gain motivation for enhancing the well-being in their work environment. The important role of creativity and arts in this context will be discussed. 


Participation is free of charge. There are 40 seats available. 

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