re:form – experimental programme for rethinking work

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re:form is a facilitation and microfinancing programme for rethinking work practices in the cultural sector. It encourages the infusion of solidarity, inclusion, empathy, respect, and other values practiced through the medium of art into the daily experience of the people working in the cultural sector.

re:form will take place between October 2020 and September 2021 and is a part of the Cluj Future of Work Project initiated by the Cluj-Napoca Urban Innovation Unit, created by the Cluj Cultural Centre in partnership with the Civic Innovation and Imagination Centre within the Cluj-Napoca City Hall.

“By means of this programme, we want to support processes aspiring to go beyond the traditional models of organizational development and taking into account the particularities of the independent cultural sector and the fragile conditions in which they operate in Romania,” stated Rarița Zbranca, programme director within the Cluj Cultural Centre.

Cultural organisations that wish to experiment solutions for the challenges of work in the cultural sector can receive a financial support between EUR 3,000 and 5,000, as well as specialized mentoring and consultancy, for developing and implementing the proposed projects.

In order to participate in the programme, organisations are to propose a project aimed at testing or experimenting with new work practices within their organisation.

The programme is intended for independent cultural organizations operating in Cluj-Napoca and in the metropolitan area. Public cultural institutions may be included in this programme if their proposed project involves the collaboration with the independent sector and its development. Interested organisations can register by November 17th, 2020, by filling out an online form available at

re:form is an activity within the Cluj Future of Work project financed by the European Commission through Urban Innovative Actions and the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca.

Cluj Future of Work is an initiative of the Urban Innovation Unit in Cluj-Napoca, created by the Cluj Cultural Centre in partnership with the Center for Innovation and Civic Imagination of the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca.

The project is co-managed by the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca and Cluj Cultural Centre in a consortium with eight other local organizations: Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca, Cluj IT Cluster, Intercommunity Development Association Cluj Metropolitan Area (ADI ZMC), Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster, Transilvania International Film Festival, Transylvania IT Cluster, ZAIN Transylvanian Creativity Festival.


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