Inner states in harmony. How can we bring about a state of well-being during the pandemic?

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You walk around at home, the space of your room becomes smaller and smaller, you would go out, but you care for yourself and those around you. Coming nearer to yourself, distancing yourself physically from others, you may be much closer to them than you would think. There is something beautiful also in this period of time when, while we keep away from others, we get close to ourselves and we bring more of our attention to how we feel and how others feel. We feel the same at the same time, and this draws us nearer and makes us more empathetic and careful of everything that surrounds us. There is space for thoughts, all sorts of thoughts, and we can choose which to keep close during this time. And there is space for creativity expressed for the inner and the outer world, for you and the others.

We can bring about a state of well-being during the pandemic by doing things that we enjoy and inspiring others also to do the same and to participate. Here are some examples:

  • Make a box containing: a drawing picturing the place where you feel most comfortable, photos of the persons who are most important to you, an emergency contact number, that is of a friend or family member who can support you anytime you feel you are in a difficult moment;
  • Create comic books in 4 or 6 parts about how you would like the world to look like when this period ends, and we would be able to start fresh;
  • Choose a song that you love and rewrite its lyrics, and challenge your friends to do the same;
  • Start a story and pass it on to your group of friends or work colleagues. Each of you can add up to 2 phrases. Make the challenge last no more than 2 days.
  • Establish small events that would make your staying at home more pleasant during the day; for example, every evening at 7 p.m. I will go out on the balcony with a glass of wine/a song/a flashlight. Invite your friends to do the same, if possible;
  • Pick a practical project, let’s say transforming a piece of clothing using anything at your disposal at home;
  • Dance 10 minutes every day; this improves mobility, cognitive functions and immunity.

And, what is most important, don’t stop there. Use your imagination to create. To create means to feel. To feel means to take care of yourself and the other.

An article written by Claudia Cacovean, Project Coordinator of Inner Space Project. The creative activities are recommended by artists from Cluj who collaborate in the Art’n’Play Project implemented by Cluj Cultural Centre.


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