Annual passes and cultural vouchers for Cluj students who choose public transport

Annual passes and cultural vouchers for Cluj students who choose public transport

The municipality, the Public Transport Company (CTP) and the cultural sector in Cluj-Napoca are launching a series of actions meant to encourage and simplify the use of public transport by Cluj students.

Thus, starting this autumn, CTP student passes are no longer monthly, but annual, and the first 500 freshmen who get a bus pass will receive vouchers for taking part in cultural events and activities in the city.

“While the administration and the Public Transport Company are working to simplify and streamline the procedures regarding tickets and passes and to improve the general functioning of public transport in Cluj-Napoca and the metropolitan area, the Innovation Division within the Cluj Cultural Centre is also trying to contribute to improving urban mobility in Cluj by generating and trying out ideas that come from citizens, from the academic, cultural or business sectors. In addition, we firmly believe that the way we travel and, in general, make use of the city, is largely about awareness and culture, not just infrastructure,” declared Anamaria Vrabie, director of the Cluj-Napoca Urban Innovation Division.

Cultural Vouchers

First year students who get a CTP pass can register until November 15th, 2019 on to receive two of the 1,000 free tickets for museums and cultural events.

The Cultural Voucher, an initiative of the Cluj Cultural Centre, is a mechanism of increasing cultural participation destined to specific groups within the local community. It offers free access to cultural events for which the public is currently paying entrance fees. The first 500 participants receive two tickets for the activities organised by partner institutions and organisations of the Voucher.

Partners: Casa Tranzit, Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj-Napoca Hungarian State Opera, Cluj-Napoca National Opera, Reactor de creație și experiment, Cluj-Napoca Hungarian State Theatre, Lucian Blaga National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca, Zug.Zone, National History Museum of Transylvania, Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania and Romulus Vuia National Ethnographic Park, joined by the Transylvanian State Philharmonic, the Hungarian Theatre and the Art Museum.

Art in Motion Campaign

In order to draw attention to recent public transport improvements, but also to the need for citizens, in turn, to update their understanding and habits regarding public transport, the Innovation Division is carrying out a campaign involving more Cluj artists, with the support of Banca Transilvania.

Thus, between 8-11 October, Create.Act.Enjoy will offer travellers a new experience, which will (re-)awaken their love for the city, for the theatre, but also for public transportation. A team of actors will accompany students on the way home or from the dorms to the faculty or the city centre, providing them with useful or fun information about the objectives along their route, about the public transport in Cluj-Napoca and about using the card validation systems.

A second intervention, initiated by artists Julien Daillere and Zenkő Bogdan, proposes a series of artistic and cultural events, which will take place inside and around a bus parked in different spots in the city.

The visual identity of this campaign, visible in public transport means, public spaces and online, is based on a series of illustrations by artist George Roşu

About the Urban Innovation Division

The Art in Motion campaign is initiated by the Urban Innovation Division within the Cluj Cultural Centre, with the support of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and the County Council. Main partner: Banca Transilvania.

The Cluj-Napoca Urban Innovation Division is a research and development program that brings together ideas, knowledge and resources from the civil society, the academic, cultural and business sectors and public administration in order to propose alternative solutions to the strategic challenges faced by the city.

The priority themes that the Division works with are urban mobility, the future of work, housing and the resilience of cities. The Cluj-Napoca Urban Innovation Division is an initiative of the Cluj Cultural Centre that started in 2017 in partnership with the Centre for Innovation and Civic Imagination of the Municipality. In 2022 the Division of Urban Innovation will be transferred in its entirety to the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca.

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