The incubation phase for the Culturepreneurs 2019 finalists has begun

Culturepreneurs is an entrepreneurial education program for the cultural and creative industries, born from the desire to bring creative people with entrepreneurial ideas and a strong interest in increasing the well-being through culture together. So along with trainers and mentors, the best ideas are now being raised into business plans that will be implemented after the finalization of Culturepreneurs 2019, when they are all polished and structured.

Last week, the finalists of Culturepreneurs 2019 participated in two workshops designed to increase their business knowledge and to outline their business and future plans, at Silicon Forest in Cluj-Napoca. 

The first phase of Culturepreneurs 2019 offered an introduction to the world of entrepreneurship through various workshops on specific topics, but at the same time it challenged and helped the participants to define their idea as precisely as possible: business model, target audience, promotion, sales strategy and development on long term. Following the sketching of ideas, a selection followed which the best of them were sent to the next stage – incubation.

In this second phase (of incubation), the finalists have specialized training and mentoring sessions that are meant that until the fall of this year to give the participants the skills to grow their ideas in their best form.

In the first workshop the participants were able to learn more about the internal planning, about all that a project management involves and the tools that facilitate these processes. Also in this workshop, we invited Silvia Oprea from Around 25 as a facilitator, who in an open talk with the participants discussed the marketing and promotion side of their own business.

The second workshop was about financial management, legality and accounting, topics that were addressed and developed through open discussions and Q&A sessions on each topic, together with experts in the field: Meda Corovei from FAPTEMihai Cărăbaș from CĂRĂBAŞ, LUNGU – Civil Society of Lawyers and Ana-Maria Nicoară from Performia Finance.

Following the preparation of this year\’s culturepreneurs, a series of workshops and mentoring sessions will follow, aimed to increase the finalist ideas as best as possible and to bring them from the dream stage into reality.

The five final ideas (in alphabetical order), now in the incubation stage, are:

ArtCrawl Cluj: This project encourages Cluj visitors and tourists to discover the diversity of the local art and independence scene, through a guided tour of the places and the art. Exhibitions, performances, contemporary dance, theater and many more. The tour guide will be Helga, an art history student, passionate in cultural mediation. The tour use cultural mediation techniques – discussions and questions that encourage a unique and personal view of the art for every person.

Culturescu: This project plans to familiarize the new generations with the heritage and urban culture, through the organization of structured activities, during weekends, for kids. Culturescu also wishes to save the precious time of moms as much as possible, that they would otherwise waste desperately looking for interactive activities for their kids.

Cultural productions for education: This project wants to create local cultural productions (short films, plays and books) for education, that will cover current subjects in a way that is easily understood and helpful for the ones exposed to these type of situations. The first theme the project wants to cover is bullying.

Support your local artist: Is a community of musicians, DJs, bands and music fanatics that support and promote the local music. Even though this is already a preexisting concept in local life, during Culturepreneurs 2.0 the team has developed an idea that addresses local problems of the forming culture: informing, consulting and professional preparing of artists and cultural workers.

TimOrientalism: Is a program meant to create a bond and an easier path to take for native Romanians to learn Japanese and Chinese. TimOrientalism proposes a B2C system using modern and interactive ways of teaching as well as a B2B system using workshops and intercultural mediation and training specially developed on the requirements of every job. This project also proposes to make an anime and Asian film festival.

We thank participants and facilitators for their passion and involvement, we can hardly wait to meet again!

See you soon,
eCCChipa. # Culturepreneurs2019

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